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MK42 Iron Man Gauntlet

Iron Man 3 featured a large host of new suits for the armored avenger, including his modular armor, the Mk42.  The Mk42s main advancement was the ability to disassemble and be worn in pieces.  This project was to recreate the gauntlet from said suit to be worn as a stand-alone prop.


The 3d files for the gauntlet are readily available on and simply required slight modification for scale and thickness before being 3d printed in PETG filament.  PETG was chosen as an alterative to the standard PLA or ABS filaments for its increased toughness and heat stability, making this a very durable prop.  The parts were then brushed with Smooth-ons XTC-3D filling compound to fill in the layer gaps and sanded smooth.  Dupicolor primer and paint was then applied, followed by a layer of brushed weathering for a battle-used look.  The repulsor was cut from an acrylic sheet and backlit with bright white LEDs, which are powered by 2 AAA batteries housed in the wrist armor.  All the individual armored segments were then secured together using elastic, and a padded glove was sewn as a base layer for all the armor to be worn over.  The finished prop moves quite easily and mirrors that of the movie very closely, with the exception of slight artistic license for the color scheme.

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