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This 3D printer enclosure shelf was designed to efficiently house and run a collection of 3d printers.  It's constructed from 2525 T-slot aluminum creating a sturdy frame that's easy to modify.  The center enclosure door system is built from carbon fiber rods and 3d printed brackets, the doors swing upward to open and rest securely on hooks at the top of the shelf.  When closed, the doors seal to the frame.  Each MakerGear M3 printer inside is fed from spools in the incubator above, which in tandem create a fully controlled printing environment suitable for nylons, PVA and other hydrophilic/exotic materials.

Each Prusa printer in this cluster was rebuilt to expand their build volumes.  I modified the standard Prusa Mk3 parts to fit onto a T-slot frame, then built new frames for the printers and color coded each one.  This one shelf produces the vast majority of my physical work.

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