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CSR1 - Full Custom Lightsaber

The CSR1 (Combat Saber Rev 1) was a project to create an elegant, well balanced, full contact sparing lightsaber.  Inspired by the Old Republic lightsabers, this hilt was designed with a large tsuba-like emitter, double chokes, large pommel, and a waxy rear grip, all for the purpose of secure hand positioning and comfort.  Each piece was machined from solid aluminum and anodized black before being hand sanded, creating the two tone finish.  The rear grip was lathed from delrin and stained to create a Krayt Bone finish.


A Prizm soundboard controls all the sabers functions and is powered by a removable Li-ion cell housed inside a 3d printed chassis.  This board allows for the saber to have lights and sounds, and a programmable color-changing blade.  The finished saber turned out very stable, well balanced, and super comfortable while fitting the classic StarWars aesthetic.

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