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Tony Stark Flight Repulsors


Iron Man is one of the best superhero movies of modern times, portraying memorable characters and birthing the Marvel cinematic universe.  Before creating his iconic Iron Man armor, Tony Stark first designs and fabricates "flight repulsors" which allow him to fly and project energy beams from his palms.  This project was to recreate the flight repulsors and arc reactor for a Tony Stark Cosplay.  The frame for the repulsors was made from aluminum, as it was in the movie.  Brass and copper tubes where then heat bent into shape and pinned to the frame to form the detail pieces.  The arc reactor was made from a series of molds to produce a translucent blue resin ring, which was then sectioned and wrapped in copper wire.  A molded center-piece holds the ring in place, suspended above super-bright blue LEDs which illuminates the reactor.  This was then housed in a PVC shell and sling mount.  Palm repulsors where made from more PVC and translucent resin, back-lit with LEDs, which was then wired into the arc reactor.  The finished pieces where then worn over a black skin-tight shirt to complete the Cosplay.


A full build log can be found here:

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