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MHS Custom Saber


This saber was designed and built using The Custom Saber Shops' "modular hilt system" or MHS.   Each piece was designed and ordered in aluminum with custom machining to make them unique.  The saber has a short hilt and high choke for comfortable one-handed use, as apposed to the classic, longer two handed sabers.  Different sections of the saber where powder-coated black and media blasted grey.  The rear section has inlayed rubber strips for a more comfortable grip.  The saber is powered by a 7.4v Li-Ion pack, which is rechargeable via recharge port near the pommel.  The soundcard which runs all the electronics is a Crystal Focus v5.6 (top of the line at the time), enabling the saber to store 6 sound banks (hum, swing and clash noises triggered by an accelerometer, just like the movies) and regulated a high-powered Blue-Red LED star to mix for a purple blade.


A full build log can be found here:


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