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Halo 4 Battle Rifle





The Halo series forms an iconic staple of FPS games in the Xbox line up, with Halo 4 being the latest installment.  This project was to replicate one of the main weapons of the Spartans, the BR85 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle, or "Battle Rifle" for short.  The prop was made from a blend of different plastics, but mostly consisted of Sintra and Styrene in varying layers and thicknesses.  The barrel assembly was constructed from PVC and acrylic.  Being that this is such a large prop, it was split into 3 sections, the main body, scope, and barrel assembly to make molding each component easier.  The silicone molds where made from Mold Max 30, which where used to cast perfect copies of the parts in durable polyurethane resin.  These parts where trimmed and prepped, assembled and then painted to complete the prop.  A stand was also constructed from left over Sintra to serve as a display base for the replica.


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