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Batman Combat Helmet


This was a commissioned project to build a large, full-face Batman helmet to use as a costume and display piece.  The idea behind this design as apposed to the more tradition open mouthed design is to provide more protection, as would be necessary in heavier combat scenarios Batman would encounter.  The helmet model was constructed from 1/4" Sintra, urethane resin and ‘Appoxie’ putty.  Once the shape was complete and smoothed out, it was molded and cast from a durable polyurethane resin.  The eye inserts where made from 20 gauge steel mesh, which provide significant eye protection without limiting visibility.  The helmet was then primed and painted in a battle-worn theme, to make it seem well used.  The rear portion of the helmet is removable to allow people with larger heads to put it on, then re-attach the back piece to secure it in place.  The finished piece is a very durable helmet suitable for use as a costume prop, while also providing proper protection for more demanding activities such as paintball.

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