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Impact Armor Jacket


Impact armor jackets are made specifically to help disperse and absorb moderate blunt impacts to a person's body.  They work using layers of super durable Kydex plating, which when struck spreads out the force of the impact, which is then mostly absorbed by a layer of high-density closed cell foam.  Unlike motorcycle or ATV jackets, these jackets where designed with maximum mobility in mind, and barely restrict the movements of the wearer, as well as remaining lightweight.  While initially designed to be used by martial artists during sparing, Impact Armor jackets would be useful as protection in a variety of applications such as fencing and Larping, as well as motorcycle gear.  The jackets are made from 100% heavy-weight cotton, and are fully adjustable for a comfortable fit. 


These jackets are custom made and tailored for each client, making them all unique.  Variations and changes can be made to the design and features of a jacket by clients request.  Jackets cost $700 + shipping each, which is split into two $350 payments (the first due upon placing your order, and the second upon your jacket being completed) and can be shipped internationally.  Email us at to order.

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