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The Combat Batsuit

The Batsuit project was an effort to create an armored combat suit which would provide significant protection without sacrificing mobility.  While not bullet proof, the suit does guard against punches, blades and clubs, through a combination of impact absorbing foam, Kevlar, and 1/4" Kydex plating.  The project took three months of prototyping and two months of construction on the finished suit, with roughly a $2,000 budget, much of which was raised on Kickstarter.  The finished suit clocks in at 25 pounds, which is relatively light considering the weight is evenly distributed over the wearers entire body.


The finished suit has been featured on over 200 websites, with big names such as Buzzfeed, CNN and USAToday, the Science Channel, Discovery and SNL.  I've made several versions of this suit for clients, both the original batsuit and Arkham Knight variants are shown in the pictures above.

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