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Custom Phantom Saberstaff


This lightsaber, often referred to as a saberstaff due to its dual blades, started out as an Ultrasabers Phantom V3.  This platform was chosen for extensive modification because of its comfortable double chokes near the blade emitters, and general blank slate appearance.  After most of the black anodizing was removed from the hilt, custom shrouds where cut and shaped from aluminum pipe to add detail to the emitters.  A mid-piece was added to the saber to house the main power button.  The existing power button holes where milled into slots to form windows into the saber, which would reveal crystal chambers (common in high end sabers).  The crystal chambers where made from a backlit sanded acrylic (for the crystal) and brass fittings (for the housing).  A bargraph and recharge port where added to the midsection of the hilt.  The saber is powered on 7.4v Li-Ion cells, which run a Crystal Focus v5.11 soundcard (top of the line at the time).  This soundcard runs all the electronics in the saber, storing 6 sound banks for a variety of different hum, swing and clash sounds, and regulates two high-powered P4 Blue LEDs for the blades.


A full build log can be found here:



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