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The Dark Knight Batsuit


This Batsuit project was an effort to recreate the suit used in the Dark Knight trilogy.  By virtue of its design, this suit is impractical for the purposes of protection and mobility, which are the main reasons for the following Combat Batsuit project.  However, this design is very aesthetically pleasing and recognizable, qualifying it as a good project.  The suit is composed of two layers, the first being a skintight cotton/lycra suit, and the second being a nylon mesh with which the armor plating is affixed.  This design allows the under-suit to be removed and machine washed, while the over-suit provides enough structure to hold the plating in the correct position when worn.  The armor is made from 1/4" Sintra, which was heat bent to the correct shape and then mechanically secured to the nylon mesh suit (glue was not used in any part of the suit for ensured durability).  The cowl was sculpted in plasti-morph pellets around a head model and then molded and cast out of Urethane rubber (unfortunately it was a bit small for my head so another cowl was purchased from a separate prop maker).  The finished suit weighs only 15 pounds, and is very visually accurate to the suit used in the movies.


The full build log for this project is avalable here:

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