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Eldar Farseer


An Eldar Farseer is a spell-caster type character from Warhammer 40k.  There was a bit of design freedom in the suit thanks to variations between different individual Farseers in the game, so a cloak/armor variant was chosen.  The robes where sewn from a black shimmering fabric, and artificial purple swede.  The armor was constructed from 1/8" Sintra plating, and then coated in fiberglass for added durability.  The helmet was constructed from Sintra and Miliput, then molded and cast from a dense polyurethane.  Each gemstone was made from a blue-tinted translucent resin with embedded LEDs to produce a glowing affect.  The spear was created from PVC, Sintra and fiberglass.


After the parts where finished, they where painted various grey shades using Citadel brush paints.  A battery and wiring harness stored in the backpack unit threads throughout the suit to ignite each gemstone.  The suit also has built in speakers, which connect with an aux cable to an Ipod.


A full build log can be found here:

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